Division: In order to solve problems, it is helpful to first understand whether they are a puzzle, obstacle, or entanglement.
Puzzle; analyze carefully, like unraveling a ball of yarn and requires patience.
Obstacle; must be overcome, use force and perseverance to either destroy or move away from what is blocking us.
Entanglement; mires us in a maze of limitations, most dangerous, we must use all our resources to extricate ourselves as quickly as possible.

Fracture into basic elements in order to breakdown.

The knots of life are untied as easily as if we had a magic charm.


Wellspring of energy
Rises in the body’s core
Tap it and be sustained
Channel it, and it will speak.

Source of power is within yourself. True movement comes solely from within yourself.  The source is latent in everyone, but anyone can learn to tap it.  When this happens, power rises like a shimmering well through the center of your body.  Physically, it will sustain and nourish you.  It can give you gifts ranging from unusual knowledge to simple tranquility.  All depends on how you choose to direct your energies.
Finding the source of spiritual power is a great joy; deciding how to direct it is the greatest of responsibilities.

Sorrow: Understanding all life to be a dream, sadness and happiness will fall away.

The greatest sorrow of life is witnessing.  It hurts when we can do nothing.  The greatest sorrow is to see those we love suffer helplessly.  When faced with a sad situation, it is best not to languish in it.  Allow sadness to be subsumed back into Tao.


Rain dripping from eaves
Sounds nature’s poetry,
We speak and write to
Explain to ourselves.

There is a vast difference between words of scholars and words of a practitioner, just as words of academics differ from the words of poets.  By using writing, art and poetry as tools for self-discovery, we understand the stages we go through; this neutralizes rational minds; clears away intellectualism and leaves true Tao, not subject to words or images.

Thank you Deng Ming-Dao