All that we experience is subjective.  There is no sensation without interpretation.  We create the world and ourselves; only when we stop do we see the truth.

All that we know is filtered and interpreted.  There is no such thing as objectivity or direct knowledge of the world.  Everything is relative because we are each condemned to our particular vantage points.  As long as we all have different perspectives, as long as perception relies on our senses, then there cannot be an absolute truth.  All knowledge from experience, valuable as it may be, is imperfect and merely provisional.

Inner truth is only glimpsed by disconnecting the mechanism of interpretation.

Deng Ming-Dao

I find connection, awareness, perspective and ultimately universal themes so centrally crucial in this life.  I absolutely love the passion with which this Invisible Children, Kony 2012 project has been created and promoted.  We make what matters.  There is so much despair, but we find the kernel of hope and run with it.  We must, to be alive.  I have acted, done what am able today and with this I say a prayer of peacefulness before laying down my head.