First heard of this concept – creative abrasion – today:

taking the strong points from two opposing suggestions/ideas; then having the group that produced them work together to merge and collaborate on a new, yet likely superior final result

I have always found a good brainstorm useful, creatively as well as an aid in decision-making.  Get it all out, on paper, on the wall, recorded, whatever fits the situation, it helps my processing to see it all, a bigger picture in order to allow the most positive and meaningful direction to avail itself to me.

Creative abrasion: sort of like a convergence of dualities, seeing the good that both have to offer, acknowledging this and celebrating it.  This is like children on the playground and the first rules of community, meet, shake hands, size one another up, figure a way to have fun and share everything.  Tit-for-tat, then we need to make something of it, make something useful, make something good together.


Body is the tabernacle.
Traveling one thousand miles,
The gods are still in place.”

Remember Dr. Who, the last of the time lords, traveler of the ages.  Through time, and space, source of inspiration, infinite possibilities.  This blogosphere proves a source of inspiration for many.  Inspiration, information-sharing and a self-cultivation tool of enormous proportions.  I love the criss-crossing nature of hyper-linking; one thought lending to another, describing a theory, becoming an action and taking flight straight out of our screens into motion, alive, with us, from within us.


One thousand miles from home, I open the same prayer book.
Some nights it was only obligation, tonight it is comfort.

Something that may have become like a bit and bridle may now be warm and comforting.  Within ourselves, our daily devotions are the way to encourage ourselves to persevere.   With others, encouragement is the way to be compassionate.

Homecoming: If we mistake our subjective viewpoints as something that is solid, permanent, and never relative to circumstances, then we will have no end to our problems.  If we can always remember that everything is comparative, then we can move through life in a much more dynamic way. ”

Deng Ming-Dao

April Flower Moon, yard, trees, house

Full Moon Night Sky looking West