Big Sky Wide riding to ballet“Dominance:

Sun shines in the center of the sky.
All things turn their faces toward the light.

All things in this life depend on direction.
The sun is the dominant element in our lives.

There is no absolute standard by which to truly call something the center.  Therefore, all arrangements and all compositions, all determinations of a dominant element are relative, subjective and provisional.  There is no center except that in our own consciousness.

When we look at the sun and the arrangement of the planets, we must include ourselves as observers.  How else is there the determination of what is being seen?  Consciousness is part of the phenomenon.  We are the center, and there is no absolute measure. ”

Deng Ming-Dao

From my center I pray for peacefulness, I lift up the hearts and minds of all those in need of steadying, of hopefulness, of self-love and worth that we will go out into the world and embrace, linked in understanding and want for inclusion.


Peace be with You