Mixed Greens & Mostly Romas

Harvesting 2013

Another growing season is coming to an end and we are gathering up the bounty.  First-time eggplant success and cucumber overload, greens galore, of course and beautiful beets and tomatoes.  We’re working on tomato sauces and refrigerator pickles (because we love some pickles) and they will be eaten up fast!

Like Ecclesiastes, ‘To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven’, reaping the harvest also bends my mind toward the goodness that anchors can be in our sometimes crazy and chaotic worlds.  If we have routines, and strategies, as long as we are flexible with them, they can help us move forward more successfully each year.  Though the seeds sown may change and we may plant with an eye for different patterns, the act itself remains.  New knowledge is gained, as each new challenge arises.  Whether it’s a rain-soaked season or a pest-ridden plot, we continue tilling and planting, weeding and picking.

Like the food that nourishes and rejuvenates our bodies, we are also renewed by moving through each process in our lives that we deem necessary and meaningful.  These daily practices strengthen and assure us when the wind blows harder than we’d like, or when sunshine smiles so brilliantly down that we are almost paralyzed.