Exhaustion takes many forms. There is mental overload, physical overwhelming, the combination of both and the total exhaustion like death. Winter can be a time of renewal from this or a harsh reminder of the toll it can take on our bodies and spirit. I daresay April is not typically winter, but here, now, it is, this year, that way still for us. It seems also that depression may spring from exhaustion or even cause it. When I am overwhelmed late in days, weeks, and months, napping gives me solace and coffee builds my fortitude. It’s a dual approach, give the body some bit of what it needs and the brain something to grip onto. Now that the new awakenings of spring are slowly creeping in it becomes easier to choose renewal. To hope for progress and productivity. To look up, through the bare branches, catching that shine in the sky and combat weariness with a thought of what may be, what could be.

Big Sky Wide

Back on the Ridge