blue skies, white clouds, view

Big Sky Backyard

Little, by little.

My journey began in Buffalo, New York, moving for kindergarten into dairy country with fresh air and spring water – neighbors were Old Order Amish and the ancient home of the Senecas.  Learned gardening and sunshine positivity from my mother; and farmer philosophy of peacefulness from my father.  Loved being sister in the family gang.  Cared for animals large to small while drinking in the cycle of life daily.  Studied seriously and reveled in the vastness of the world.  Traveling, raising babies, working hard, making lovely friends along the way.  Days fully enjoyed involve a tapestry of shared experience: cooking, tasting, a dance and a warm embrace.  Now reveling in the ‘stone’s throw’  effect of our communication abilities bringing the world together into this extraordinary global community.

I am motivated to give, to share, to connect with others in this world; people and animals, landscapes and beyond. To feel, converse and be rapt in my surroundings, are my daily essentials and I believe the key to gaining perspective; and in turn, true understanding. I thrive on the individualities that display our differences as much as the similarities that show our eternal connections.

‘Service is the rent you pay for having room on the Earth’

We’re ‘Payin’ with Love Tonight… Wanta make the World Dance’