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The Moon
leader of women
all over the world

Moon over the Maples (Big Sky Wide).

July Full Moon 2017

When I came across Hannah Giorgis’ words here: ‘Dancing Gives My Body Back To Me’ I was invigorated, enthused… this is exactly how I feel!

“In a world that demands that I straighten and shrink myself, I haven’t always been comfortable enough to dance freely. But nothing makes me feel more connected to my community — or my own body.”

Free, we dance, rhythms, beats, feeling as we are, as we are meant to be, just perfect – I love, love, love and thanks!


How many children out there are dazzled by television programming showcasing cupcakes and bakeries, taste contests and chef competitions?  We have one in our household.  Under the spell of deliciously concocted cupcakes, maple pancake breakfasts in bed and magnificent warmly glazed cinnamon buns.

Make a little magic of your own…

Burning bright candles on Bram's trifle layered by sister Talia (photo by Aunt Molly). Recipe tweaked with homemade whipped cream, chocolate mocha pudding.

It’s the 20 year-old birthday trifle – Brownie Chocolate Cream!


Tray of Delight for Grandma Leslie (Big Sky Wide).

86 Year Birthday Raspberry Sugar Cream Tarts

Wintertime in New Zealand

Wai-o-tapu, NZ


A season often representing barren feelings and loss, chilled and unfeeling has shown itself to me very differently this year. The quiet inspiration, hibernation, rest and renewal has been welcome.  It is a refreshingly new perspective to consider the bleak and harsh outdoor conditions as such opportunity for inner actions.  For extra contemplation and allowances for mental awakenings otherwise never exposed.

So many family transitions could have left us here feeling weak and precarious.  Instead, the timing proved apropos and now that snows have melted, we are fresh and light, springing forth like the garlic in the garden.