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When things come together, many times in ways one hasn’t ever pre-imagined, the results are so often surprisingly fateful.

A conversation last night, mostly my listening, reflecting, while a ten year old daughter relates her belief and recent realization that she believes and ‘could it be correct Mom?’ that sometimes good and bad things happen, all with a reason, a meaning, a futuristic order.  Subtle and intentioned, a young foray into the meaning of it all, who our creators are, our human and spiritual past and how that affects where we go, whom we meet and how we can accept death and sadness or disappointments, through considering what it may mean.

Willy Moon's video capture from 'Railroad Track' on YouTube

Willy Moon in Nashville – Around the Corner from LaTisha’s & Across the Way from Fairgrounds


“Worship: Proper worship is joyous and ecstatic.  See God in every action and never lose sight of the divine.”

Deng Ming-Dao

Talia Inspired at Rand Hall, Cornell U.

Talia Inspired at Rand Hall, Cornell U.

“Life acquires meaning
When we face the conflict
Between our desires
And reality.

We all have differing personalities vying for predominance in our lives.

Only a few can truly say that they are living their lives exactly according to their desires.  For the majority of us, life is a series of conflicts between our inner ideas and outer constrictions.

Adversity is the tempering of one’s mettle.  Without it, we cannot know any true meaning in our accomplishments.”
Deng Ming-Dao

Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time


“When both feet are planted firmly, nothing can shake you.”