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sunset over pond

This is a day of enormous power. The whole planet is turned fully to the brilliance of the sun. Remember that all cycles have a left and right, an up side and a down side, a zenith and a nadir. All of life is cycles. All of life is balance.
So celebrate, but be not proud. For whenever you celebrate high achievement, the antithesis is also approaching. Likewise, in misfortune, be not sad. For whenever you mourn in grief, the antithesis is also approaching. Those who know how to reach the peak of any cycle and remain glorious are the wisest of all.

Renunciation: Duty is inevitable, but we need not saddle ourselves with extra responsibilities. Keep life simple. Give up as much as possible. Renounce unnecessary cravings and desires. Leave behind the trappings of wealth and success. Turn toward the divine.


Ripe fruit, crisp greens, live grain,
Vital roots, tender meat, spring water.
Growing essence nourishes your own.
Essence alloyed with breath makes you flexible, but hard.
The sage’s body is armored.
The sage is impervious to death.

Three treasures in the body: essence, breath, and spirit.
Essence is the biochemical aspect of your body, nurtured by the food you eat, and regulated by the quality of your hormones. Therefore, all your food should be packed and glowing with energy. Eat food as close to its source as possible. Pray before you eat, for everything that you take, whether plant or animal, is living. You must consume to survive, but when you die, acknowledge that you will become food for others.
To build the breath, work and exercise diligently. Build stamina and discipline yourself. You will gain great flexibility combined with hardened flesh, and you will be graceful. Immunity to minor physical traumas as well as many kinds of illness will be yours.
The ultimate training of the spirit begins with the question of death. The sages see beyond dying. Though they must die, they also know that nothing is lost because no one owns body or mind anyway. Those who follow Tao safeguard themselves and live their spirituality with a realistic appreciation of death, The establishment of essence, breath, and spirit is like wearing armor; the travails of the world mean nothing.

Deng Ming-Dao


Lightning tears temple asunder,
Divine wrath, or natural disaster?

It is a simple fact that lightning split temple. The meaning of this incident -if there is any- is determined by each person. One person regards it as a disaster, another as a good thing, while a third views it dispassionately.

There is nothing inherent in the incident that dictates its meaning. It is enough that we all recognize that it happened.

Deng Ming-Dao