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for shelter & shade, fruit & beauty, greetings & thanks



“If you unite sound with vision, then you will create light.

That light is the concentrated force of the mind.

It is by that brightness that truth is revealed.”

“What we are all seeking is clarity…. What we abhor is ignorance. It is a misconception that spirituality brings everlasting happiness…. Sadness still comes to wise, but, unlike most people, their clarity of mind allows them to see beyond the temporal emotionalism of the moment…. True clarity is more than just being smart, more than just being wise. Clarity manifests from meditation. It comes when you can unite all the faculties of the mind and unify them into a magnificent light of perception.   Deng Ming-Dao

Yellow butterflies light on the stony driveway (Big Sky Wide).

Butterflies by the Barn

Beyond the backyard we had a field of alfalfa clover, dancing and flittering with butterflies…

Yellow butterfly in alfalfa field (Big Sky Wide).

Nectar drinking.

Winter has slowed the dance. Time for reflection, remembering, renewal. Take stock and rejuvenate. Enero, January, Januari, The First Month…2016.

The Big Wide Sky and the Blood in our Veins…

See the skies above and the blood coursing through our bodies are just two of many examples of entities within this world that allow and display connections across wide cultural, social, geographical and many other divides.

Heavy, heartache has been draining me for several days since the violent passing of a loved one, a soft and furry loved one.

To rest this one now.

and hold tight to ‘Who You Are’, your home, your heart.  Imagine more.  Imagination is a tool through which we can make our lives better, different, and creative.  A way of projecting our thoughts into believable images to be contemplated and manipulated.


Outer eyes
Cannot see themselves.
The inner eye
Is its own reflection.

Mind’s eye, inner eye or third eye.  There is a separate way of looking within; beyond thought, beyond visualization, beyond imagination and opening what most leave dormant.”  Deng Ming-Dao

Payin’ with Love Tonight, Wanta make the World Dance