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Icicles dripped from the eaves. (Big Sky Wide).

April icicles.




Today, we must consider all our interactions carefully, selectively, with thought for our future, our children’s and theirs. The world wide web brings our worlds closer, fosters understanding and engagement on infinite levels. Now, more than ever we must consider the peacefulness in all possibilities:

“There is a fine line between security and freedom.”


We call him Chocolate Brownie Fudge. He is gentle and sweet and a generous provider. All our gratitude celebrates you, especially in this, your second April, snowy fluffy confection that it is. Thank you for putting your face on our circle of life’s understandings. The give and take, the ebb and flow, is vital.

Santa Gertrudis steer - 2 years old (almost)(Anna)

Chocolate Brownie Fudge

And this is several days after the initial snowfall of over a foot___Wow, this is some weird weather.  So glad my garden still consists of all starts inside!

“Acceptance: When the countryside is gripped in drought, it is useless to complain.  Act within a framework of circumstance.  It is a dynamic act.  As long as one’s deeds are in accord with the time and one leaves no sloppy traces, then the action is correct.”  Deng Ming-Dao