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Sunset from the porch (Big Sky Wide).

Buck Hill North

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“Essence…The essence of life shall never be known by a human being as long as that person seeks to observe life like viewer and subject. The absolutely essential nature of life can only be comprehended by merging fully with the flow of life, so that one is utterly a part of it.”          Deng Ming-Dao



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“If you unite sound with vision, then you will create light.

That light is the concentrated force of the mind.

It is by that brightness that truth is revealed.”

“What we are all seeking is clarity…. What we abhor is ignorance. It is a misconception that spirituality brings everlasting happiness…. Sadness still comes to wise, but, unlike most people, their clarity of mind allows them to see beyond the temporal emotionalism of the moment…. True clarity is more than just being smart, more than just being wise. Clarity manifests from meditation. It comes when you can unite all the faculties of the mind and unify them into a magnificent light of perception.   Deng Ming-Dao

I absolutely love this Instagramer Account:

Based in Japan, it is happy-making in living color.  I just wanted to share it with more people because textures and colors, contrasts and juxtapositions are wonderful to me.  This is beauty and joy, smiles and deliciousness.  It is a rare album that I want to follow, to refer to whenever I feel like a shot of human purity.  I urge you to follow the link for possible inspiration, creative power or simple eye candy.