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the gifts of creation
for all the love
around us
Greetings & Thanks

Two ladies looking up (Big Sky Wide)

Looking up and sunshine bound…

Try for Body Conscious Balance instead of the ‘Trap’
Freedom instead of Victim
Rejoice at all times Possible since Action keeps us Clear


“Banish uncertainty,
Affirm strength.
Hold resolve.
Expect death.

Make your stand today.  Make your actions count.  Don’t follow the destiny outlined in some mystical book.  Create your own.

Your resolve to tread the path of life is your best asset.  Without it, you die.  Death is unavoidable, but let it not be from loss of will but because your time is over.

Use your imagination to cope with the travails of life.

You will know unexpected happiness.  You will know the sorrow of seeing what is dearest to you cut down before your eyes.  Accept that.  That is the nature of human existence, and you have no time to buffer this fact with fairy tales and illogical explanations.

Your life is a creation that dies when you die.  Release it, give up your individuality, and in so doing, finally merge completely with Tao.

Until that moment, create the poetry of your life with toughness and determination.


Spirituality is
Applied poetry.
Metaphysics is
Applied metaphor.

…observing the outside world.  …body as microcosm of universe, spiritual energy compared to the sun, duality of day and night, habits of animals copied for innate wisdom, psychic enters as opening flowers.  …applied today, they yield results.

Metaphor is essentially a way to shape thoughts.  Human beings take objective reality and absorb it partially through a poetry of the mind.  For until we make the connection between all things, we have no way out of the isolation that often infects us.


When a pebble is accidentally kicked down the hill, there was no arrangement, there was no plan.  It simply happened – a colliding of bodies.

Randomness becomes order.

Accept the fact of uncertainty in the universe and work with it.  Incorporate uncertainty into life.  This is to feel the most human.”     Deng Ming-Dao

YMCA Splash-n-Dash 2012, Children's Biathlon, Ithaca, NY

YMCA Splash-n-Dash, Children’s Biathlon, Beautiful Fun Challenge!