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“If you unite sound with vision, then you will create light.

That light is the concentrated force of the mind.

It is by that brightness that truth is revealed.”

“What we are all seeking is clarity…. What we abhor is ignorance. It is a misconception that spirituality brings everlasting happiness…. Sadness still comes to wise, but, unlike most people, their clarity of mind allows them to see beyond the temporal emotionalism of the moment…. True clarity is more than just being smart, more than just being wise. Clarity manifests from meditation. It comes when you can unite all the faculties of the mind and unify them into a magnificent light of perception.   Deng Ming-Dao

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Garden in Niagara Falls Visitor Center (Big Sky Wide)

‘Invisibility is the best advantage.

But if forced to a confrontation.

Come out with all your skill.’

‘Go through life without showing off, attracting attention to yourself, or making flamboyant gestures. The wise accomplish all that they want without arousing the envy or scorn of others. They make achievements only for the sake of fulfilling their inner yearnings.

Yet it is inevitable that you will have to prove yourself at one time or another. When that is necessary, then you must marshal all your skills and do your very best. Prove yourself when it is demanded, and when you must prove yourself, be superior. At that moment, it is no time to talk of philosophy and humility.

Act. Do.

Then fade back into invisibility.

Deng Ming-Dao

Greetings & Thanks

Clown fish in Anemone (Big Sky Wide)

Clown Anemonefish… Amphiprion percula

Unexpectant….are the fish

They…’Meditate with no thought of gain.

Expect no ambitions to be fulfilled;

Only then will the inner force manifest.

Deng Ming-Dao