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Sunset from the porch (Big Sky Wide).

Buck Hill North

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“Essence…The essence of life shall never be known by a human being as long as that person seeks to observe life like viewer and subject. The absolutely essential nature of life can only be comprehended by merging fully with the flow of life, so that one is utterly a part of it.”          Deng Ming-Dao


blue lights blurred at night (Big Sky Wide)

Thanks Eric! (Bright Nights Lightshow in Springfield, MA – December 2013)

The sun brings so much more in this month, this time of year.  It is a balm, a source, a precious commodity.  Waking to -8 degrees F° after so many winter months is tiresome, exhausting, and bitter.  But when the sunshine is brilliant, such a change may be seen in mental positioning.

Friends and family, those closest to us, can do this too.  Provide perspective, a clarity to our actions and thoughts, that helps us to shed unnecessary burdens and shift our intentions positively.  At times we seek them out and at others we are surprised by an insight that strikes with no prior thought.

Modernity has tended to label looking to the simple pleasures or focusing us on the smaller daily joys as tools for living in what can be an era of ‘too much’.  I wonder, though, why is it considered simple to care about what is truly important.  What we consume, how we treat our insides and care for our loved ones.  The when of our daily routines, to create and mend and clean to make way for a day to do it all again.  The where of our homes, our shelter, its maintenance and tending to the systems that keep us comfortable and healthy.  And most importantly, the daily spiritual upkeep necessary to keep our hearts and minds: clear and vigorous, joyful and loving.

Essentials such as these should be celebrated as our daily reminders that we are alive and held in highest regard.

Lilacs Close-up - May 2012 Trumansburg NY

Buck Hill Lilac Blooms in May


Spokes on the heavenly wheel
keep rotation constant.”

Rotation of the stars as evidence of smooth progression. Stages of aging. The proper discerning of these transitions is essential.
Recognition is important as we go through our various stages in life, it is necessary to mark the shift. We must understand that we are leaving behind one part of life and entering another.
Sometimes, we mark this with a rite of passage publicly, other times it may be a personal, private declaration.
That is why it is said that one counts the spokes on the heavenly wheel as it turns: it is the measure of our lives.         Deng Ming-Dao

Oh the fragrance of this time of year.   It’s a special time for us, birthdays and death-days converge in a spirit of understanding, remembering and of dreaming ahead.   When I was a child this was my favorite time, when the old giant lilacs burst forth, sharing their special scents, abundant blossoms, silvery purples, lavender blues; oh to gather bunches and place them all around the house.   And so the tradition has continued, spring bringing the flowers, bringing me joy and also the certainty that throughout life, loss and rejuvenation; despite knowing this time is fleeting with this sweet violet smell surrounding us, the delicate four-petaled florets will crumple and fall.   To everything there is a season and a purpose, moments are just that, transitory, to be treasured and then we must realize thoughts of a new day and proceed in order for the cycle to go ’round again.