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Mother of all – greetings & thanks

Sun shines through the trees (Big Sky Wide)

Buttermilk Falls State Park Trail

Look down, we stand, on ground, each alone, pavement, grass, mud, clay, rock, slush, sand our terra firma.

It is a womb, a core, where fountains spring forth and what each new blossom greets the airstream from, roots spreading strength and providing the necessary nurturing for generations of cycles.

Alone, on our feet, knees, bellies and bottoms we can feel our connection to a whole where we all have experience. There is this same ground spreading from one to another, across the universe, in which each of us become one.

Global connectivity: Equal-Opportunity Platform – Our Internet


Three Generations


“Golden light skims azure bay,
Dense air heavy with laurel.
Windless dusk smears to night,
Sonorous pool in a sheltered grove.

Though this world is turbulent, there are still days and places where we can be afforded tranquility.  …
Renewal is a profound tonic.  With sanctuary and rest, we can prepare to go forth again.”

Deng Ming-Dao from 365 Tao

If you’ve never known the anguish caused by chasing/driving cattle home loose from fencing, it can be ulcerating.

We knelt, checking that our new baby is healthy and safe.  The miracle is always amazing.

I rest completely in my sanctuary tonight after the absolute and tearful relief of cow/calf returning home.

Our May 2 Baby